Foundation Membership

Corporate Membership

Have your company or corporation distinguish itself by becoming a Corporate Member of the LSU Eunice Foundation. We at the LSU Eunice Foundation know, as you do, that business and industry recognize the innate value that LSU Eunice brings to the region through the economy and in the quality of life. That is why the LSU Eunice Foundation developed Corporate Membership.

Corporate Membership's begin with an unrestricted gift of $5,000 to $10,000. With this level of membership, the corporation or company may assign one individual to serve a two-year term on LSU Eunice's Corporate Board of Directors. With an unrestricted membership of $10,000 and above, the corporation or company may assign two members to the Corporate Board.

The Corporate Member will automatically become a member of the Chancellor's Cabinet for the duration of their term and invited to an annual reception at the Chancellor's residence.


A gift in any amount (restricted or unrestricted) will make you a Select Member of the Louisiana State University Eunice Foundation. Simply decide to which membership category below you would like to make your contribution and forward your donation to the LSU Eunice Foundation.

  • Hall of Acadiana Member (gifts of $5000 and above)
  • Fleur-de-lis Society (gifts of $2,500 and above)
  • The Chancellor's Council (gifts of $1,000 and above)
  • The Dean's Council (gifts of $500 and above)
  • Honorary Council (gifts of $250 and above)
  • Sustaining Member (gifts of $100 and above)
  • Participating Member (gifts of $50 and above)
  • Supporting Member (gifts of $25 and above)

Make your tax deductible check payable to:
LSU Eunice Foundation
P.O. Box 1551, Eunice, LA  70535
337-550-1257 or 888-FOR-LSUE ext 257