Endowed Professorships and Scholarships

What are Endowments and how do they work?

An endowment represents a compact between a donor and an institution. It consists of gifts which are permanently endowed (or saved) and which are generally named after the donor, a loved one (living or deceased) or a favorite college professor or dean. The donor who establishes a named endowment fund at LSUE may choose the program and/or area that will benefit from the endowment. Endowments can also be named after the donors choosing and declared unrestricted. The purpose of these funds are to enhance programs set in place by the Chancellor.

Part of the annual interest earned from each named endowment is used to support the programs selected by the donor, and a portion is reinvested so that the donor's endowed gift will remain in perpetuity and grow over time. Creating an endowment links past, current, and future generations. It allows an institution to make commitments far into the future, knowing that resources to meet those commitments will continue to be available. For further information on endowments or to establish an endowment at LSUE, contact the LSUE Foundation at 337-457-6140.

Current Endowed Professorships

  • Fritz Lang Endowed Professorship
  • Lafayette General Medical Center Endowed Professorship I
  • Lafayette General Medical Center Endowed Professorship II
  • Opelousas General Hospital Endowed Professorship I
  • The BellSouth, Atmos Energy, Cleco, CenturyTel, and Entergy Louisiana Public Service Endowed Professorship for Public Policy
  • Eunice Train Derailment Settlement Endowed Professorship I
  • Eunice Train Derailment Settlement Endowed Professorship II

Endowed Professorship Application

2020-2021 Endowed Professorships

  • Brittany Walker - Bellsouth, Atmos Energy, CLECO, CenturyTel, and Entergy Louisiana
  • Lisa Lafluer - Lafayette General I
  • David Asbury - Lafayette General II
  • Dr. James Cordes - Opelousas General I
  • Dr. Domingo Jariel - Fritz Lang
  • Dr. Kebede Beshera - Train Derailment I
  • Rachel Andrus - Train Derailment II

Current Endowed Scholarships

  • Leon E. Tujaque Memorial Scholarship
  • Wesley H. Clanton Scholarship
  • Dr. Gladys Peck Memorial Scholarship
  • Barton Freeland, Sr. Endowment Scholarship
  • Ville Platte Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship
  • Louis Dischler, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • CLECO Endowed Scholarship
  • Founding Chancellor Emeritus Anthony Mumphrey Education Achievement Scholarship
  • LSUE Faculty/Staff Scholarship
  • Fanny Edith Winn Educational Trust Scholarship
  • Ruby Robison Freeland Fund
  • Leonard Gerald "Pep" Spell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Nunez/Holbrook Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Jon Sargent Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Leroy Burney Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Myrtle Odom Scholarship Award
  • Evangeline Parish Bar Association Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Stark Faust Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • "Blair" Manuel Memorial Endowed Fund
  • Estelle Aycock Memorial Nursing Incentive Award
  • Ed Calloway Incentive Award
  • Mayci Breaux Memorial Scholarship Fund #1 & #2
  • Eunice Rotary Club Outreach Scholarship
  • Dr. Burke Brignac Memorial Scholarship
  • John & Geneva Lintzen Manuel Memorial Scholarship #1 & #2
  • Dr. John Couvillion Memorial Scholarship
  • Ochsner Lafayette General Heart of Nursing Scholarship #1 & #2
  • Rotary Club of Crowley Endowed Scholarship
  • Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital Endowed Scholarship
  • Diana Lynn Labbe Memorial Scholarship
  • Clifton “Slim” Gallow Memorial Scholarship
  • Irma J Andrus Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
  • Fritz Lang Endowed Scholarship
  • Super1 Foods Focus on the Future Scholarship

Community Donor Scholarship Fund

  • Daniel Lloyd Johnson, II Scholarship
  • Wilson J. Moosa Memorial Scholarship
  • Sylvia Eleanor Reed Memorial Fellowship
  • Dr. J.J. Stagg Memorial Scholarship
  • Mitch, Alex, and George Ashy Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Beth Stark Memorial Scholarship
  • Sertoma Club of Opelousas, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
  • Brouillette-Forester Scholarship
  • Dr. Burke Brignac Memorial Scholarship
  • Community College of Acadiana
  • Kim Bergeron Memorial Fund
  • George "Phil" Hadden Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Arden Duplechin Scholarship