From the Foundation President

Dear Donors,
If you are reading this page, you may be thinking about making a gift to the LSUE Foundation. We know there are many good causes for you to consider, so we hope ours is a cause you will place high on your priority list. When you make a gift to the LSUE Foundation, you become someone very important - a key partner in a giving campaign that regularly supplies funding to LSU Eunice, its students, faculty and staff.

Over its 20-year history, the LSUE Foundation has proudly assisted the university by:

  • Providing student scholarships
  • "Filling in the gaps" for the University, especially following the deep budget cuts over the past four years
  • Supporting our LSU Eunice faculty with funds for research projects, activities and academic programs, such as URSI and Endowed Professorships
  • Providing an appreciation and support through our annual Faculty-Staff Appreciation Dinner, which honors our retirees and awards staff and faculty with peer-chosen recognition
  • Assisting with the needs of various student campus organizations and programs
  • Providing funding for arts and literature through programs like the LA Review, LSUE Performing Arts, and the LeDoux Library

The most important part of the LSUE Foundation's Annual Giving Campaign is that "Annual" part. Your gifts represent your ongoing connection with your own past and with the future of a place you love. You may be LSUE alumni or the relative of an LSUE alumnus. You may be a generous community supporter, an individual or business owner who recognizes that having a two-year junior college like LSU Eunice around these past 45 years, has benefited not only its graduates, but the entire region by providing higher education opportunities, as well as an economic development engine. Whatever reason you have for giving, you are important to our history and future.

Every year, the LSUE Foundation publishes its Annual Report and kicks off an Annual Giving Campaign. This year, we are putting emphasis on increasing student scholarships as we count down FIVE more years to our GOLDEN anniversary in 2017.

We invite you to think about how your life intersects with LSU Eunice. We know you want to do your part to ensure that LSU Eunice has a secure, flexible, and sound revenue stream through its Annual Giving Campaign. AND, we know you want to do your part to ensure that every qualified student who wishes to further their education, has an opportunity to do just that with LSUE Foundation Scholarship funding!

LSU Eunice...Success starts here because we are a community that knows - Together...we make change!

Lynn Lejeune, President
LSUE Foundation


Foundation Board Members


Foundation Board Officers
Lynn LeJeune, President • Donald Mayeux, Vice President • Edlee Manuel, Jr., Treasurer

Kevin Ardoin • Kevin Brown • Eric Gil
John Guillory • Dr. Richard Hebert • Scott Privat Jacque Pucheu • Donald Robinson, Sr.
David Sickey • Stephen Stefanski, Sr.
Mary Tietje • Darryl Wagley

Ex-Officio Members
John V. Lombardi, President of the LSU System
William J. Nunez, III, Chancellor
Madelaine B. Landry, Executive Director
Curtis Joubert, Bengal Boosters President
Jesse Guillory, Alumni Association President
Michael Fontenot, Alumni Association Vice President

Emeritus Member
Dr. Rodney E. Landreneau (Deceased)


Gerald Hardy