Military Occupational Specialty

List by service that would include military training for credit

Fire and Emergency Services

  • USMC-7051 (Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Specialist), 8056 (Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste NCO), 5711 (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Specialist)
  • US Army- 21M (Fire Fighter), 74D (Chemical Operations Specialist)
  • USAF- 3E7X1 (Fire Protection Specialist), 1S0X1 (Safety Specialist)
  • USN/USCG- FN (Fireman), DC (Damage Controlman)

Criminal Justice

  • USMC- 0211 (Counterintelligence Specialist), 0231 (Intelligence Specialist), 5900 series (Military Police & corrections), 8152 (Security Force Guard), 8254 (Security Force Close Quarters Team Member), 8156 (Security guard)
  • US Army- 31B (Military Policeman), 31E (Correctional Specialist), 31D (Criminal Investigator), 27D Para-Legal Specialist), 96B (Intelligence Analysts), 97B (Counterintelligence Agent)
  • USAF- 3P0X1 (Security Forces), 5J0X1 (Paralegal Specialist), 7S0X1 (Special Investigations)
  • USN/USCG- IS (Intelligence Specialist), LN (Legalman), MA (Master-at-Arms)