Radiologic Technology
Radiologic Technology


Radiologic technologists take images of all parts of the human body for use in diagnosing medical problems. They prepare patients for radiologic examinations, positioning patients so that the correct parts of the body can be imaged. The technologist also provides radiation protection for unexposed areas. After taking the necessary precautions, the technologist positions the radiation equipment at the correct angle and height and sets the controls on the machine to produce images of the appropriate density, detail, and contrast. Afterward, the technologist evaluates the images produced. Technologists also assist physicians in conducting fluoroscopic examinations during which a patient's internal organs are viewed on a monitor.

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The Radiologic Technology Program is committed to providing students with academic excellence. Using theory and performance-based instruction, the program faculty seeks to provide a qualitative, comprehensive, and diverse education that strengthens critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, as well as encouraging professional development and lifelong learning to enhance the health care in both local and regional communities.


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Applications for the FALL Class will be available in T-104 after January 13, 2020.  Check with your advisor or the LSUE Catalog to confirm eligibility before picking up an application.


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