Nursing Student Outcomes

Licensure Examination Pass Rate

The nursing program’s licensure examination (NCLEX-RN) pass rates for first-time testers.


NCLEX-RN First-Time Testers

Overall NCLEX-RN Pass Rates (First-time testers and repeat testers)


Aggregated Data



Aggregated Data


2020 88.31% 88.24% 88.89% 100%
2019 87.30% 86.44% 100% 100%
2018 84.62% 83.64% 90% 93.85%


LSUE receives pass-rate data only on the group of students and not divided into traditional ASN and LPN-ASN. LSUE Nursing department calculates the LPN-ASN rates separately.


Program Completion Rates

Expected Level of Achievement for completion (graduation) rates are measured by two objectives.  (1)Traditional students admitted to the nursing program will graduate within six semesters, or one-and-one-half the length of the program and, (2) LPN’s entering through advanced standing will graduate within one year, or one-and one-half the length of the program for the LPN “fast-track.”

Completion Rates by Academic Year

Graduation Year Traditional Students LPN to ASN Students AY Completion Rates (Total)
2019-2020 75.58% 85% 82.56%
2018-2019 80% 91.6% 85.50%
2017-2018 63.5% 85% 71.7%
2016-2017 75% 100% 87.5%