Medical Coding and  Billing
Medical Coding and Billing


Today’s health care industry is in need of allied health professionals with the knowledgebase and technical skills in processing and managing information to keep patient records, handle billing, and complete insurance claims. Medical billing and coding professionals (CPCs) extract information from your healthcare provider and translate that into codes that get sent to insurance companies and government agencies. 

These Allied Health Professionals must be knowledgeable in the areas of medical terminology, anatomy, coding and must know the correct procedures to manage medical and health information efficiently. Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Technical Studies in Medical Billing and Coding the student is eligible to take national exams from AHIMA, the CCA - Certified Coding Associate.

About the Certificate of Technical Studies in Medical Coding and Billing

  • Medical terminology
  • The structure and organization of healthcare delivery
  • Health information management
  • Healthcare law and ethics

Graduates can work in a variety of healthcare settings including:

  • physician's offices
  • hospitals
  • insurance companies


Degree Requirements

Required Courses - 33 Credits

  • ALLH 1013 - Medical Terminology
  • ALLH 1023 - Pharmacology for Non-Nursing Majors
  • ALLH 1025 - Pathophysiology for Allied Health Professional
  • ALLH 1605 - CPT Medical Coding
  • ALLH 1615 - Diagnostic Coding
  • HCM 2601 - Fundamentals of Healthcare Management
  • ALLH 1200 - Health Data
  • ALLH 1620 - Health Insurance and Medical Billin
  • ALLH 2625 - Advanced Medical Coding
  • HCM 2650 - Medical Law and Ethics
  • BIOL 1160 - Human Anatomy or ALLH 1800 - Anatomy and Physiology Survey
  • ALLH 2635 - Medical Reimbursement Strategies
For additional information on coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog Curriculum.




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The courses and degree are available both in-person and in hybrid formats. 


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