2+2 Elementary Education
2+2 Elementary Education



LSUE's ART 1440 or ART 1441 are no long accepted as an equivalent for ULL's VIAR 215 - Art in Education.  EDCI 2271 - Art Education for Elementary Schools must be taken for VIAR 215.  Effective Fall 2017.

-ULL will ONLY accept CHEM 1001 for CHEM 212 -effective fall 2018

-ULL will ONLY accept PSYC 2076 for PSYC 311 -effective fall 2018


LSUE/ULL Elementary Education 2+2 Program

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette provides LSU Eunice students majoring in elementary education an opportunity to earn a baccalaureate degree on the LSU Eunice campus.  Under this cooperative program, freshmen and most sophomore courses are provided by LSU Eunice and UL Lafayette provides the junior and senior courses in the elementary education degree program, on LSU Eunice campus.

While progressing towards their baccalaureate degree from UL Lafayette, students will be eligible to earn the Associate of General Studies from LSU Eunice once they have fulfilled the degree requirements for the associate degree.

In order to enroll in upper division courses at UL Lafayette, LSU Eunice students must:

  1. Apply and be formally admitted into the UL Lafayette teacher education program
  2. Application must be made upon completion of 45 hours
  3. Students must also pass PRAXIS I exams (reading, writing, and mathematics) or score an ACT composite of 22 or higher
  4. Students must maintain a 2.50 or higher GPA and complete all freshman courses listed in the UL Lafayette catalog to be eligible for upper level classes.
  5. Students must consult with their advisor regarding when they should schedule PRAXIS I.



Contact Information

LSUE/ULL –2+2 Elementary Education
Manuel Hall – 147
(337) 550-1308


UL Lafayette Coordinator of Elementary Education
Dr. Hunter Beasley
Manuel Hall -128
(337) 550-1368