Advising Request Form for Current Students

This form is intended for CURRENT STUDENTS to use to request approval to register for classes.  If the information in this form is correct, and if the requested courses are appropriate for the student's chosen program of study, the academic advisor will respond within as soon as possible with a clearance and approval to register for those classes.

Before you enter your requested courses below, click the button below to review the list of available online courses to ensure you input the correct course names:

Schedule of Classes

You must enter your LSUE student email address.
What campus do you plan to attend?
NOTE: If you select main campus, you can still take online classes.
For what semester or term are you registering?
You must select the major that is listed on your myLSUE account. If you would like to change your major, you can submit a "Change of Major" form online at
You should be very familiar with your academic program's curriculum as it exists on the Academic Catalog.  To access your curriculum, go to and click the "Curriculum" button under your program.  Make sure you have the correct catalog selected in the box at the top, right corner.  NOTE: You follow the catalog of the year that you started at LSUE.

Reference your program's curriculum and the Course Offerings page when entering the courses you are requesting below.

Students in the PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS program have a structured curriculum that can be found online at  Pathways to Success students should review this before choosing classes.
NOTE: Most courses are typically 3-credit hours with the exception of labs and others. So four 3-credit hour classes would be 12 total credit hours.
Enter the course(s) that you are requesting to register for in the boxes below.
Format: PSYC2000 or MUS 1751
Format: PSYC2000 or MUS 1751
Format: PSYC2000 or MUS 1751
Format: PSYC2000 or MUS 1751
Format: PSYC2000 or MUS 1751
Format: PSYC2000 or MUS 1751
How confident are you that the above listed courses are the correct courses you need to take to continue towards completion of your academic program?
If you have anything for the academic advisor to consider when reviewing the above courses, please state it here.
It is the student's responsibility to select the appropriate courses/sections that meet degree and prerequisite requirements and for ensuring that any variations from course requirements in the Course Catalog are approved in writing by the student's Academic Dean.

What Happens Next:
After you submit this form, your requested courses will be routed to an academic advisor.  The academic advisor will review your transcript and academic program and determine if the requested courses are appropriate for you to continue you towards program completion.

If approved, you will receive an email with a confirmation that will allow you to register for these courses.  Please allow three (3) to four (4) business days for the advisor to respond. Weekends and holidays are not business days.

If denied, the academic advisor will recommend revisions to your requested courses.
If you are NOT a Pathways to Success student, skip to the following questions and click "Submit" below.

If you are a Pathways to Success student, you are not able to register your own classes, so it is your advisor's responsibility to register your classes for you.  Enter in this information to assist your advisor with choosing courses and sections that best meet your needs.

If you are unsure if you are in the Pathways to Success program, check your myLSUE account to verify.
For example: I work weekday evenings and every other weekend.
What days are you available to attend classes?
What times are you available to attend classes?