Academic Policies

  1. To review and recommend changes in all academic policies, except those duties delgated to the Courses and Curricula Committee.
  2. To draft new policies on an as-needed basis.
The committee will be composed of a chairperson, the ex-chairperson, and a representative from each of the academic units. To achieve balanced representation, the chairperson should not be from the same academic unit as the ex-chairperson. The representatives from the academic units will be appointed for staggered 2-year terms as follows:
  • Odd years: Business and Technology, Liberal Arts
  • Even years: Library, Nursing and Allied Health, Sciences

Courses & Curricula

  • To act for the faculty to add, amend, delete, and define courses and curricula;
  • To forward such to the Office of Academic Affairs for appropriate disposition, which may include immediate implementation.

The Courses and Curricula Committee will be composed of a chairperson, the ex-chairperson, and one representative from each represented unit on campus, (Business and Technology, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Allied Health, Sciences, Academic Assistance Programs, Library, Student Affairs, and Administrative Council*). The representatives from Academic Assistance Programs and Student Affairs will be non-voting members. Also, the committee will have two student representatives with no voting rights.

Before or during the first week of the fall semester each faculty unit will meet to elect a representative to this committee.

*Administrators for committee assignment are to be selected from the Administrative Council unit. If they are not on the Administrative Council, then they will be considered for committee assignments from respective divisions.

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