SACSCOC Reaffirmation of Accreditation 


Institutional Obligations for Public Disclosure
Fall 2013


Certification of Compliance Documentation - Final 2014
Core Requirements
Comprehensive Standards
Federal Requirements
Focused Report
Onsite Committee Report
Quality Enhancement Plan
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Certification of Compliance Documentation - Final 2004

Core Requirements
Institutional Mission
Governance and Administration

Institutional Effectiveness
Educational Programs
Library and Other Learning Resources
Student Affairs and Services
Financial and Physical Resources
Federal Mandates

Quality Enhancement Plan

Completed Draft for Campus Review 11/17/03

SACSCOC Reaffirmation for Accreditation 2014 IN PROGRESS

Institutional Research & Effectiveness
LSU Eunice
PO Box 1129
Eunice, LA 70535-1129
fax: 337-550-1396

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