LSU Eunice Logo and Style Guidelines

The University Name

  • The official name of the university is Louisiana State University Eunice as indicated in the original legislation establishing the institution. However, when referring to the university in written and verbal communications, LSUE should always be referred to as Louisiana State University Eunice, LSU Eunice, or LSUE.
  • LSUE should never be referred to as Louisiana State, L.S.U.E., LSU-E, LSU at Eunice or other aliases different from the official names listed above.
  • Louisiana State University Eunice should always be in upper and lowercase letters or all uppercase letters. Never all lowercase letters.
  • LSUE should always appear in all uppercase letters. It should never appear in lowercase letters (lsue) except for URLs.
  • All Verbiage: Louisiana State University Eunice, LSU Eunice, LSUE, LSUE Bengals, LSU Eunice Bengals, Bengals, and Success Starts Here are registered trademarks of the University.

The Logo

  •  All LSU Eunice logos are now trademarked images and use of the logo must be approved by LSU Eunice Public Relations and LSU Trademark Licensing.
  • The LSU Eunice logo must appear on the front of all publications and websites representing any entity within Louisiana State University Eunice's organizational structure.
  • The LSUE logo may not be incorporated into other logos or aligned with artwork to create a new logo. Borders, boxes, or shapes may not be placed around or behind the LSUE logo, including a white box.
  • There must be a protected area surrounding the logo. The height of the logo should be the minimum space on all sides.
  • The LSUE logo may only appear in the official LSU colors: purple, gold, black, white, and gray. The logo must appear using 100 percent full saturation of the official colors. Tinting is not allowed. The PMS, CMYK, and RGB mixes for the LSU colors are listed in the chart below.
  • Drop shadows and gradients should never be applied to the LSUE logo.
  • The LSUE logo should never appear smaller than 1 inch in width. The LSUE logo with the full name should never appear smaller than 1.15 inches wide.
  • The Geaux Font Logo should NEVER be used for athletics. 


To use the logo, please email LSU Eunice Public Relations with specific information about colors and format need. 

Vendors wishing to use the logo should contact SMA at 37-669-0808 or visit their website at


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