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Call to Service Video Released

The LSU Eunice Office of Student Affairs and the LSUE Foundation announce the launch of the Call to Service video .

The video, produced by the Bayou Bengal staff under the direction of Van Reed, Public Relations Director, is part of an initiative to create a culture of "giving back" and volunteerism on the LSU Eunice campus. It will be shown to students on the campus Wednesday, November 20 in commemoration of the 50 the Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The volunteer initiative began in planning meetings this past summer that included community leaders, students and LSU Eunice staff and faculty.

According to Don Reber, Chairman of the Eunice Economic Development Committee, "Student involvement could lead to future economic development. If they get involved, then they understand and appreciate their own input. They [LSUE] have a lot of students that come in from outside the city of Eunice, take their classes and then go home. They never get involved in anything because they don't know what to get involved in. If we can capture some of those people and get them interested in doing some things...some of them will get involved and stay here."

LSUE Foundation Director Madelaine Landry noted: "We feel, as a university, that we would like to create more of a culture of community service for our students. Because we are a commuter university, for the most part, we want our students to feel more involved in collegiate life. There is a trend nationally to see students more involved in community service."

Beginning in spring 2014, LSU Eunice students will have access to a database of community organizations and events that offer volunteer opportunities. Student participation will be monitored by the LSUE Foundation for recognition of community service hours each semester.
Special thanks to Dr. William J. Nunez, Chancellor, as well as faculty and staff members Dr. Michael Alleman, Dr. Christina Vick, Dr. Tim Trant, Dr. Anthony Baltakis, Mr. Gerald Patout and Mrs. Anita Dupre, for their participation.

A special thanks also to Dr. F. King Alexander, LSU Chancellor-President, for his support and participation.



November 18, 2013