Proposal Toolkit


Section 6: Project Description

This section allows you (finally!) to present to your reviewers the solution(s) you wish to implement to resolve the problem described.  Describe your strategy and convince the potential funder that you have "done your homework."

The goals/objectives defined for the project describe and measure the expected outcomes; the methods section describes how the objectives will be achieved to resolve the problem you documented earlier.  Keep in mind when you develop this section that, when your proposal is funded, the work described becomes a legal contract.  You are obligated to implement the program described.  Occasionally, especially at the federal level, the funder may negotiate this section.  Or you may wish to re-negotiate this section if your project is selected for funding--but the level of funding is significantly lower than your original request.  It is important to be realistic about what can be done with the funding and staffing level provided.

The Foundation Center, in its free online grantwriting short course, lists the contents of this section as:  "objectives, methods, staffing/administration, evaluation, and sustainability."  If the funding agency does not indicate some other preferred content or organization, this is standard content.  Commitment/Capacity to Perform is sometimes requested by the funding entity.  If so, it may fall into this category as a separate section or it might be included in the Staffing/Administration section.  The commitment of the organization to the project is emphasized in the Cover Letter.  If space is not limited, emphasize commitment in this section.

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