Proposal Toolkit


Section 4: Table of Contents


Numbering System
Use Roman numerals for the Table of Contents page and any material required preceding the ToC.

Begin Arabic numbering system with the Abstract--which generally will be one page in length.  The Narrative will then begin on page number 2. (If the funding entity specifies otherwise, of course, follow those directions.)

Include a Major Heading for each major portion of the grant.  Indent for each important subsection of each Major Heading.  Make certain that each element of the proposal that the funding entity requires is included as a Major Heading.  The funding entity's requirements frequently serve as the organizational scheme for the grant.

Unless the guidelines specify otherwise, continue the numbering sequence in the Budget and Budget Narrative sections.  Continue that numbering sequence for any Appendices or other additional materials required.

Word processing software frequently provides a Template to use to produce a Table of Contents as you write your document.

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