Proposal Toolkit


Section 6: Program Description - Sustainability/Continuation Plan

Your purpose in developing a sustainability or continuation section is to convince the funder that there is a way to continue the work or identify additional funding after the grant expires.  Many funders make this section a requirement.  They cannot fund a project forever; they would like to document lasting effects from what they consider "seed" money.

There is no set content for this section; how a project is to be continued depends on the nature and design of the project.  Some examples are annual fundraisers, fees for services, anticipated grants from another funder, ongoing performances or services that earn income for an organization--to name a few.

This section can prove frustrating to some project planners.  Their reasoning is: if I had a way to sustain this project, I wouldn't need a grant in the first place.  However, creative thinking, planning early, consulting with colleagues, ascertaining best practices of other organizations--all can help you identify possible methods to continue a project in the future.

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