Proposal Toolkit


Section 6: Project Description - Staffing/Administration

A potential funder will want to know that your organization has, or can acquire, qualified personnel--by hiring experts, recruiting qualified volunteers, or through partnering with selected groups.

This section also allows you to demonstrate that you have the appropriate mechanisms in place to manage a grant successfully.  Describe who will be involved, their qualifications, and the role each individual will play in project implementation.  Describe your management structure.  If space permits or if requested, an organization chart may help clarify reporting and responsibility structure.


  • Identify project director and key personnel
  • Outline their qualifications and expertise to fulfill the roles assigned
  • Describe the management plan for the project

In the academic arena, where vitae at times are very lengthy, it is helpful for grant participants to have a summary vita that highlights credentials, experience, and publications relevant to the topics of the present project.

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