Proposal Toolkit


Section 6: Project Description - Methods

The Methodology (or Methods) section of a grant gives the writer an opportunity to describe the strategy developed to solve the problem.  The objectives outline what you want to achieve; the methodology describes how you will achieve it.  Here you convince the potential funder that you have "done your homework."

In this narrative demonstrate both that you are aware of current best practices and have adopted or adapted where appropriate to suit the needs of your service area.  Cite your research and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the field and current practice.  Describe why the rationale you have selected to accomplish your objectives is the best possible approach for the specific circumstances of your project.

Your timeline for the project should appear in this section.  A visual timeline can be effective, listing tasks with an indication of when and how long it will take to accomplish the task.

When describing your methodology, think of "how," "when," and "why."  Describe how your objectives will be achieved, when the actions will occur, and why this practice was selected as the best practice.

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