Student Support Services


  • Writing Lab
  • Tutoring
  • Transfer Advising
  • Education and Testing Supplies (while they last)
  • Advocacy for students/ Self Help workshops
  • Workshops
  • Cultural Activities

Starting out on a new experience like going to college can be exciting. The surroundings are new, the people are new, and the courses are new. All the changes can be a little intimidating. You don't have to face college alone. Student Support Services is here to help. For over 20 years, the program has provided a number of free services to help qualified students cope with college life. The program can help you too! Stop by our main office in the Science building Rm-146 to see if you qualify for our program services.

Contact Information Dr. Janice Nix-Victorian - Director

Shelia Janice - Assistant to the Director
Science Building Room 146
Phone: 550-1206 • Fax: 550-1268

Writing Lab Coordinator/Academic Coach
Liz Doucet, M.Ed
Phone: 550-1204
Science Building Room 147

Transfer Advisor/Academic Coach
Tiffany S. Zachery, LMSW
Phone: 550-1254
Science Building Room 145

Tutorial Coordinator/ Academic Coach
John L. Guillory, MA
Phone: 550-1212
Science Building Room 145