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What is Institutional Effectiveness?
Institutional Effectiveness is the extent to which the college is meeting its mission and achieving its goals as demonstrated by a comprehensive, integrated, participatory planning and evaluation process that focuses on improvement in all aspects of college operations and educational outcomes.

- Essential Components of Institutional Effectiveness, SAIR Conference, 2002

As a regionally accredited university, Louisiana State University Eunice is required to identify expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services; assess whether it achieves these outcomes; and provide evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

The planning and evaluation process is an integral part of all university operations and as such every employee and every student should have an opportunity to be involved and participate in the in the process.

LSU Eunice documents institutional effectiveness by employing a comprehensive system of planning and evaluation in all major aspects of its operation. As defined and required by SACS, the planning and evaluation of teaching, administration, and educational support is thorough, broad-based, integrated and appropriate. As evidence of institutional effectiveness, LSU Eunice provides documentation of planning, assessment, and the use of results in decision-making.

Planning and Outcomes Assessment Tools
The process of Institutional Effectiveness is one of constant change and adaptation based upon the ongoing assessment of institutional programs and services. The Planning and Assessment Manual includes updated planning and evaluation models as well as revised outcomes assessment forms. This updated structure will allow greater campus participation in the planning and evaluation process by creating tighter links between planning and budgeting as well as providing a more flexible format for the reporting of institutional progress.

Compliance Assist Website for Institutional Planning 

Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory 2014-2015 (n = 401)

2013-2014 Institutional Effectiveness Report  

2012-2013 Institutional Effectiveness Report

Summary Reporting Form   

Compliance Assist Planning Module Training - Running Reports
Compliance Assist Planning Module Training
LAPAS Strategic Plan 2014-2019
Planning and Assessment Manual
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